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President's Message

President's Message

I am determined to pursue fairness in our medical delivery system, accountability from those who have taken the Hippocratic oath, and help to ensure patient rights are upheld.   What affects you, affects me -- we're all in this together.  The healthcare in our communities, medical facilities, schools, religious institutions, and other  entities that serve people all play a very vital role.  Vibrant communities don't just happen, they require an investment of time, capital, talent, hard work, and a love for mankind, as well as an extended hand to help those who cannot adequately help themselves. 

T.A.M.E. stands at your disposal.  We are ready to:  advocate on your behalf; educate you concerning your rights and privileges; intervene to bring about conflict resolution; provide appropriate referrals; and assist you with whatever course of action deemed necessary.  Our Executive Board consists of members from the medical, legal, managed care, insurance, religious, and research disciplines -- each of whom is dedicated to seeking improvement in the delivery of healthcare services.

In 1995, my only son died at the tender age of 23 years old while waiting for a heart transplant and after a medical device designed to keep his heart pumping malfunctioned and caused his ultimate demise.  Today, he will no longer have the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a  contemporary gospel musician and composer, nor will he be able to fulfill the role of a devoted husband and loving father. 

In 1997, my brother-in-law complained of chest pains and went to the hospital.  He was diagnosed with "gas" and sent back home.  Three days later he died of a massive heart attack.  He left behind a young wife and seven children.

T.A.M.E. was established in the memory of loved ones and this web site was developed with them in mind.  In loving memory, we honor the legacies of Joe Arthur Talbert, Jr., Ronald Dukes, Paul Donnelly, Jr., William Henry Jackson, Jr., Mrs. Willie Bea Terry, and many more who are no longer with us due to a negative medical experience.

The devastation of these and similar incidents are crushing to loved ones who are left behind to pursue truth and justice through litigation or other compensatory measures.  And, perhaps, even more devastating, you might have suffered directly from a medical error and feel as though you have no recourse, or you're not sure what to do about it.

Feel free to contact us to help bring closure to your experience. 

Rev. Dr. J. Talbert